Q: What is the “Dataverse Software?” What is a “Dataverse collection?”

A: The Dataverse Software is the name of the open source data repository software. 2. A Dataverse collection is the top-level data-type in the Dataverse Software.

Q: What is a “Dataset”?

A: The term dataset differs from the usual use for a structured set of data. A Dataset in the Dataverse software is a data-type typically representative for all content of one study. The Dataset itself contains only metadata, but it relates to other data-types: Datafiles are attached to it and a Dataset is always part of a Dataverse collection.

Q: What is a “Datafile”?

A: A Datafile is a Dataverse software data-type. It consists of the file itself and its metadata. A Datafile is always part of a Dataset.

Q: What are the expected HTTP Status Codes for the API requests?

A: So far, this is still an unsolved question, as it is not documented yet. We started to collect this information at a Wiki page , so if you have some knowledge about this, please add it there or get in touch with us (Contact).

Q: Can I create my own API calls?

A: Yes, you can use the Api base-class and its request functions (get_request(), post_request(), put_request() and delete_request()) and pass your own parameter.